Uncategorized September 19, 2014

Fall Is Here – It’s Time To Winterize Your Lawn

You know when summer is coming to a close in Whatcom County because the wild blackberry fruit starts to shrivel, mornings are misty and the giant maple leaves begin to turn color & fall gracefully to the ground.  It’s such a wonderful time of the year for many reasons – we each have our own opinion.  I think for me it is the vibrant exchange of color from the gorgeous fiery sunsets to the change of color among the various plants.

This time of year also means it’s time to get our yards ready for winter.  It’s important to give your lawn a fighting chance to make it through what can be tough winters in the NW with our massive rainfall and sometimes heavy snow.   Taking some time this fall to get your lawn in shape with the steps below will pay you dividends in the spring with a much healthier lawn and less work to do in your yard. (Especially if you plan on listing your home for sale in the spring.)

1. Fertilization
2. Aeration
3. Mowing
4. Leaf & Debris Clean Up

For a full description of why each of these are important, take a look at the website at www.mainstreamlm.com/winterizing-your-lawn-in-the-pacific-northwest.

Cheers! Leslie
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